The company Flavones ...

The company Flavones derives its name from the phenolic components found naturally in wine :

Les Flavones

Originally created to distribute the production of the vineyards owned by its associate members, Flavones quickly developped beyond this initial objective, in order to satysfy a growing demand, to propose a wider selection of family run vineyards from Bordeaux, the southwest of France, the Burgundy and also a large range of Grands Crus Classes from Bordeaux.


Flavones is therefore a direct link and consolidator of quality wines from the producer for the distributor.

Flavones selects and distributes wines that are Chateau bottled by the vineyard owners and has direct access to the Chateaux it distributes, in order to provide a guaranteed and regular wine selection which will be maintened for several years.


In return for distribution agreements, Flavones can ensure the annual quantities required and guarantee price stability for these wines over several years.


Thanks to its position of vineyard owner, vinifyer and distributor, Flavones has the capacity to develop exclusive wine selections adapted to the different distribution channels as specified by our distribution partners.


Flavones manages its own sorting and shipping facilities via a specialised warehouse to Bordeaux. The fixed costs are therefore directly proportional to its overall volume shipped from facility.

This guaranties minimum costs for a maximum performance.